Filip Jers Kvartett Review (only Swedish)

From Skånska Dagbladet 20 november 2011. Buy the paper and check it out! Recension 2


Filip Jers The Garden

New single released ! 

Digital release only – check here

Filip Jers – The Garden

Digital Released: 09/27/2011

℗ 2011 Fojablue Records Filip Jers

Swedish harmonica virtuoso Filip Jers is a musician with a broad musical spectrum. Original jazz and folk music, performed by himself on harmonica and acoustic guitar.

Filip Jers (b. 1986) was only 18 years old when he became world champion on harmonica. Now he performs all over the world in many genres with different projects in jazz, folk, pop and classical venues.

“The Garden” is a song he composed in late summer 2011. Warm fingerpicking acoustic guitar meets the soulful diatonic harmonica. Harmonica and guitar was very common in 1960´s and Filip gets his inspiration from there but makes the music sound like his own. These instruments is a sound of freedom, longing and acoustic richness that easily touches people.

Imagine a mix of the swedish forest, Howard Levy, Toots Thielemans, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and 1960’s.

Confused? Listen to “The Garden” by Filip Jers and you will sort it out.

Recorded, produced and mixed by Filip Jers in Fojablue Studio, Stockholm, Sweden.

Mastred by Sofia von Hage at Stockholm Mastering, Sweden.

Cover picture by Peter Jers.

Filip Jers plays a Suzuki Manji Diatonic Harmonica and a Martin 000-15 acoustic guitar.

Jazz on Diatonic Harmonica

Hi everyone,


I made a improvised video where I just jam along to a backing track, playing jazz on the diatonic harmonica.

Hope you Like it !




Filip Jers

Suzuki Harmonicas

I am now endorsing Suzuki Harmonicas from Japan !

Its an honour to play those fantastic instruments. They are the best “out of the box” harmonicas I have ever tried and when you customize them, they reach amazing levels.

Superb quality, great construction, wonderful crispy and clear sound. Very airthight, loud and low, long lasting and a clear will to always improve and develop the instrument that is my love, passion and fulltime work
– The Harmonica –

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for Scandinavian Harmonica Players
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Feel free to contact me if you have questions



Press Pictures

I have some new nice press pictures, welcome to check !

Summer and autumn plans

The summer has been great. Many wonderful memories and concerts. Everything from jazztrio – swedish folkmusic and baroque music. Wow. I end up on so many places I never thought was possible for me. The music and harmonica takes my to fantastic experiences every time.

The summer started with me releasing Filip Jers – Spiro, my first solo-CD. It was released 4th of may 2011 at Stallet, Stockholm. The venue was sold out – the room takes 150 – it was 187 people there.

I made a solo concert – 2 set á la 45 minutes. I played all sorts of harmonicas + guitar + accordion.

Many things from this concert is on youtube.

Since this great start, I have given concert in Germany, Spain and all over Sweden. Last week I played a country gig , played guitar + harmonica + sang some songs. I would like to write about every gig, but I dont have time right now. I will post some youtube from the gigs I have.

Autumn plans

When does autumn start? Next week? Ok!

Next week I will play for the swedish king! Will write more later about that..

I will also play a jazzconcert in southern sweden, it will be nice!

Week after I will play a duo show with a great bass player – Johan Lindbom.

Week after that I am free! Wow! vacation!

Week after is Stockhom Lisboa Project concert in Germany.

Then some concerts in Stockholm.

Then a small tour in South-Korea!


And so it continues.

I and some friends will mix and finish the debut CD of “Primus Motor” a jazz-folk trio. It will be good CD !

We have not planned a release date yet, maybe december or january 2012.

Check us here


I plan to record and release two digital singles in autumn 2011. Follow-up songs to “Spiro”.



Rack Harp and Guitar

Here is clip from my solo exam concert – Swanee River / Old Folks at Home.

I use my Martin 000-15 and G diatonic harmonica on a rack for this perfomance.

It is very nice to fingerpick and play harmonica at the sametime – the sound marries very nice togheter.



All the best,