Suzuki Harmonicas

I am now endorsing Suzuki Harmonicas from Japan !

Its an honour to play those fantastic instruments. They are the best “out of the box” harmonicas I have ever tried and when you customize them, they reach amazing levels.

Superb quality, great construction, wonderful crispy and clear sound. Very airthight, loud and low, long lasting and a clear will to always improve and develop the instrument that is my love, passion and fulltime work
– The Harmonica –

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for Scandinavian Harmonica Players
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Harmonicas used on Filip Jers – Spiro

Some people are asking which harmonicas I used on my CD Spiro

here it is!

Filip Jers – Spiro (Fojablue Records) 2011

1. Intro – chromatic C                                        – Song Key: D

2. On the Way – diatonic G                               – 2nd position – Song Key: D

3. Smoking Man – diatonic G                           – 2nd position – Song Key: D

4. Blues 2002 – diatonic C                                – 2nd position – Song Key: G

5. The Basement – chromatic C, diatonic Bb, Hohner Bassharmonica 29 hole
– diat. 4th position major/minor; Song Key: Sort of G

6. February Sun – diatonic A                           – 1st position: Song Key: A

7. Folkstone – diatonic LF                                – 3rd position: Song Key Gm

8. Follow Me – diatonic Bb                               – 4th position: Song Key: Gm

9. Västra Staden – chromatic C                       – Song Key: Gm

10. Skånsk Vintervals – diatonic G                    – 3rd position: Song Key: Am

11. Improvisation XI – chromatic C                  – Song Key: No clear (G)?

12. Den Blå Timmen – chromatic C                  – Song Key: C

13. Östra Promenaden – diatonic A                   – 3rd position: Song Key: Bm

The songs with chromatic harmonica is played on a Hering Deluxe Chromatic in C and Hering Antique Gold in C.

Those are 16 holes chromatic harmonicas. A bit modified by myself.

The diatonics used is Hering Vintage Harp 1923, modified by myself.

Except February Sun: Sjoeberg Custom Golden Melody in A, modified by Dick Sjoeberg.

Check his harps here:

Microphones: Sennheiser MD441 on everything except “The Basement – AKG C414 for bass and diatonic harmonica” and “Improvisation XI – handheld SM58 and AKG C414”.


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Filip Jers – Spiro – NEW CD – buy here –

Filip Jers Spiro

Some people are asking which harmonicas I use on my CD Filip Jers – Spiro,

I will making a nice paper of this and post on this blog later.

Nice that people are interested !!

/ Filip

Filip Jers – Spiro – NEW CD – BUY HERE –