Jazz on Diatonic Harmonica

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I made a improvised video where I just jam along to a backing track, playing jazz on the diatonic harmonica.

Hope you Like it !




Filip Jers



Suzuki Harmonicas

I am now endorsing Suzuki Harmonicas from Japan !

Its an honour to play those fantastic instruments. They are the best “out of the box” harmonicas I have ever tried and when you customize them, they reach amazing levels.

Superb quality, great construction, wonderful crispy and clear sound. Very airthight, loud and low, long lasting and a clear will to always improve and develop the instrument that is my love, passion and fulltime work
– The Harmonica –

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for Scandinavian Harmonica Players
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Feel free to contact me if you have questions



Press Pictures

I have some new nice press pictures, welcome to check !

Future and new Youtube clips

I have stopped using and endorsing Hering Harmonicas. I am not on their intenational team any longer.

My website will updated as soon as possible.


I want to share some new youtube clips with you, I am very happy about them, and about my excellent jazztrio, with a amazing guitarist, Henrik Hallberg and virtuoso double bass player, Johan Lindbom.


First a sketchy bebop tune I wrote called – Bopweiser


Second – a ballad I wrote called – The Blue Hour


A funny medium jazztune called – 509 Djursholmstorg


Time, Life and Music developes and I am now ready to take the next step!

All The Best,




Filip Jers – Spiro – NEW CD – www.filipjers.comhttp://www.cdbaby.com/cd/filipjers

Quotes about Filip Jers Spiro from great harmonica players

“Spiro is the first CD from an up and coming harmonica virtuoso from Sweden named Filip Jers.

This young man is truly an amazing musician.  He has fabulous technique on both diatonic and chromatic harmonicas.  He also plays guitar, accordion, jaw harp and bass harmonica very well.

He is obviously very well versed in traditional styles of harmonica playing, but he is not afraid to push the limits of that tradition.

All of the songs on Spiro are his own compositions, and he played all the instruments on the CD.  Some of the songs are lyrical and beautiful, while others are quite experimental.

This first CD by Filip Jers is a fine collection of music.  I’m sure we will be hearing plenty of great music from him in the years ahead.

– Peter Madcat Ruth”



“You are a fantastic player and musician!  I believe that tracks 6 & 9 grabbed me the most.   I was impressed with your ability to bend in tune and also liked the tunings of the harps.  You did have a number of songs with lots of chord playing and I liked the way that the chords were tuned.  I am also really impressed that you are writing songs.  Keep it up!   Personally what I miss hearing the most is the resonance created with good hand technique. ”

– Joe Filisko


“Just had the opportunity to listen intently to your CD Filip. Masterful… pure musical expression. Well done. Best wishes to a continued bright future!”

– David Barrett


I am very happy that these worldclass and worldwide respected players like my CD. It means a lot to me.



Filip Jers – Spiro – NEW CD – www.filipjers.comhttp://www.cdbaby.com/cd/filipjers

Filip Jers – Spiro Review in Sveriges Spelmäns Riksförbund

One more review! Amazing!


Nya Skivor


Magiskt munspel

Filip Jers är världsmästare på munspel. Det märks.

Filip Jers CD Spiro

Filip Jers “Spiro” (Fojablue records)

Skånske Filip är en fenomenal munspelsvirtuos som lika gärna spelar svenska folklåtar som jazz, blues och helt egen musik efter eget gottfinnande. En sällsynt begåvad musikant som det är en fröjd att höra både som solist här och som medlem i Stockholm Lisboa Project och Primus Motor.


Filip Jers – Spiro – NEW CD – www.filipjers.comhttp://www.cdbaby.com/cd/filipjers



Filip Jers Spiro Review Smålandsposten

Also got a great review in Smålandsposten, big newspaper in Sweden.



Fojablue Records
Betyg: 3/5

Redan som 18-åring blev Filip Jers något så remarkabelt som dubbel världsmästare i munspel. Och visst märks det att han har en instrumentbehärskning som går utanpå det mesta. Stora delar av plattan är en virtuos uppvisning i allt vad man trodde var omöjligt att göra med ett munspel. Samtidigt är det virtuosa inte ett självändamål, utan det är tydligt att det finns en vilja till ett eget uttryck bakom den briljanta tekniken. Musikaliskt spänner det hela mellan jazz, visa, folktoner och, såklart, blues. Allt framfört på munspel och till eget komp på gitarr eller dragspel, och sammantaget en sällsam musikalisk upplevelse.






Now 11 official reviews for my first solo-CD ! AMAZING !


Filip Jers – Spiro – NEW CD – www.filipjers.comhttp://itunes.apple.com/se/album/spiro/id447709026