Quotes about Filip Jers Spiro from great harmonica players

“Spiro is the first CD from an up and coming harmonica virtuoso from Sweden named Filip Jers.

This young man is truly an amazing musician.  He has fabulous technique on both diatonic and chromatic harmonicas.  He also plays guitar, accordion, jaw harp and bass harmonica very well.

He is obviously very well versed in traditional styles of harmonica playing, but he is not afraid to push the limits of that tradition.

All of the songs on Spiro are his own compositions, and he played all the instruments on the CD.  Some of the songs are lyrical and beautiful, while others are quite experimental.

This first CD by Filip Jers is a fine collection of music.  I’m sure we will be hearing plenty of great music from him in the years ahead.

– Peter Madcat Ruth”



“You are a fantastic player and musician!  I believe that tracks 6 & 9 grabbed me the most.   I was impressed with your ability to bend in tune and also liked the tunings of the harps.  You did have a number of songs with lots of chord playing and I liked the way that the chords were tuned.  I am also really impressed that you are writing songs.  Keep it up!   Personally what I miss hearing the most is the resonance created with good hand technique. ”

– Joe Filisko


“Just had the opportunity to listen intently to your CD Filip. Masterful… pure musical expression. Well done. Best wishes to a continued bright future!”

– David Barrett


I am very happy that these worldclass and worldwide respected players like my CD. It means a lot to me.



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Filip Jers – Spiro Review in Sveriges Spelmäns Riksförbund

One more review! Amazing!


Nya Skivor


Magiskt munspel

Filip Jers är världsmästare på munspel. Det märks.

Filip Jers CD Spiro

Filip Jers “Spiro” (Fojablue records)

Skånske Filip är en fenomenal munspelsvirtuos som lika gärna spelar svenska folklåtar som jazz, blues och helt egen musik efter eget gottfinnande. En sällsynt begåvad musikant som det är en fröjd att höra både som solist här och som medlem i Stockholm Lisboa Project och Primus Motor.


Filip Jers – Spiro – NEW CD – www.filipjers.comhttp://www.cdbaby.com/cd/filipjers



Filip Jers Spiro – Review on DIG Jazz

Munspelsekvilibrist med många utförsgåvor

Filip Jers


(Fojablue Records)

Filip Jers från skånska Höör är den ende som gått igenom Musikhögskolan i Stockholm med munspelet som huvudinstrument. Han är, inte alldeles oväntat, en ekvilibrist på sina instrument, alltså såväl det diatoniska som kromatiska munspelet, och han spelar dessutom både dragspel, gitarr och mungiga om det skulle behövas. Att en av hans stora favoriter lystrar till namnet Toots Thielemans är ställt utom allt tvivel.

På ”Spiro”, som betyder ”Jag blåser” på latin, radar Filip upp prov på de flesta av sina obestridliga utförsgåvor. Kanske hade det varit roligare om han hade ransonerat konfekten en aning. Här få vi alltså höra ”genuin” sydstatsblues, folkton, ballader och fria fantasier i en enda salig röra. Imponerande – javisst, men intrycket känns lite splittrat. Den jazziga delen av repertoaren går hur som helst alldeles utomordentligt, och man frapperas ideligen över Jers kompositoriska begåvning. Samtliga 13 nummer på plattan är hemsnickrade. ”February Sun”, ”Den blå timmen” och ”Östra Promenaden”, till exempel, är alldeles utomordentliga.

Förutom att Jers trakterar samtliga instrument (de ovan nämnda) på ”Spiro” har han på egen hand svarat för såväl inspelning som mixning och produktion. Flitig kille!

Jan Olsson

Read more reviews on this great homepage http://www.digjazz.se/


Filip Jers – Spiro – NEW CD – www.filipjers.comhttp://www.cdbaby.com/cd/filipjers

Filip Jers – Spiro – Reviews in english

Ok, here is the reviews I have gotten so far, translated to english.

Click on the “Play” button on these two free streaming songs, and start to read !

Filip Jers – Spiro

Grade: 3 of 5

Harmonica. Filip Jers from Höör will in one month take his degree from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, as the first harmonica player. At the same time, the solo debut-CD ”Spiro” will be released, where the world harmonica champion from 2005 goes completely solo, but overdubs with guitar, accordion, jaw harp and more harmonicas.

Jers shows quality and class while resisting to show-off his amazing technique. Instead, this is a thoughtful collection of calm songs that breathes blues, jazz and swedish folklore in different fusions. Long notes and focus on melodies and timbre: Filip Jers plays the rare and spicy bassharmonica. A set of really fast songs would have been welcome, even if they of course would have destroyed the uniform low-voice feeling of the album.

Best track: The Basement

Alexander Agrell, Sydsvenskan 2011



Filip Jers – Spiro –

Grade: 4 of 5

Jazz. Harmonica is not very common in jazz these days. A bit strange, because the instrument has big possibilities. The tone can be bent and turned. The variation in the approach and articulation seems to be endless.

Filip Jers shows all this in an excellent way on his own produced debut-CD. Filip has as the first harmonica player studied the jazzeducation at the Royal College of Music and is today both active as a soloist and member of different bands, Stockholm Lisboa Project for example.

On the CD Spiro he chooses to do everything himself, from compositions to arrangments and performance. The result is an completely fantastic odyssey i harmonica genres: blues, western, jazz, swedish folkmusic and free improvisation. The instrumentation is either solo, or Filip backs up himself on accordion, guitar or jaw harp(!).

Best track: There is many, but I choose ”Den Blå Timmen”

Magnus Börjesson, Meny/Nerikes Allehanda 2011



Filip Jers – Spiro

Grade: 4 of 5

Harmonica. Imagine how many artists that have given the harmonica its bad reputation. Filip Jers has now began the rescue mission, and this spring he will graduate as the first harmonica player ever from the Music College in Stockholm.

He has probably charmed all teachers, examinators – and in the future surely even a bigger audience – by emphasize the instruments sensualism, the substance of its melancholic tone.

The debut CD is a nice display of the harmonicas different moods and the thirteen tunes – no, songs – is composed by himself, and he has added some acoustic guitar.

Delicate degree project, Filip!

Björn Stefanson, Värmlands Folkblad 2011



Filip Jers – Spiro (Fojablue Records)

Grade: 4 of 5

Mixed. Filip Jers will soon get his master degree as the first harmonica player from the Music College in Stockholm. At the same time he has released the cd Spiro, where he not only shows his harmonica virtuosity – wellknown since he became worldchampion at the World Harmonica Festival 2005 in Trossingen, Germany – he also plays all the other instruments; guitar, accordion and jaw harp.

The tunes on Spiro is his own compositions and has a mood of jazz, blues, folkmusic and some other ”hard to define” genres. A lot of rhythm, melodies, bent notes, harmonies and sounds comes out from his harmonicas; among them the powerful voice of the bassharmonica.

That Sweden has got its own harmonica virtuoso in Toots Thielemans class is very clear.

Spiro is, or seems to be a degree CD and gets more than an ”A”. Now I look forward for the next… Blues CD ? Folkmusic Jam? Experimental classical music ? There is a reason to keep the ears open.

Lena Köster, Upsala Nya Tidning 2011


Filip Jers

Grade: 3 of 5


(Fojablue Records)

What makes the biggest impression of Filip Jers debutalbum as a soloist is the wide genre-spectrum and how different the songs are each other. Everything is original composed by Jers and consists of free improvisation, folkmusic, jazz, retro-blues, popsongs and some floating nature moods. Jers plays harmonica and guitar, accordion and jaw harp. One really has to say that it was hard to believe that a harmonica CD could be this interesting and varied. Hopefully the music can develop even more in the future.

Magnus Mjöhagen, Arbetarbladet 2011



Filip Jers – ”Spiro” (Fojablue Records)

Filip (that you also can hear in Stockholm Lisboa Project and Primus Motor) is a world champion on harmonica. You will understand that when you listen to his solo debut CD.

Thirteen songs where Filip serves delicate blues, funny old jazz, new folk… His own, international musical cuisine on guide Michelin – level. Different harmonicas and accordion and guitar, and of course he plays everything himself.


Peter Ahlbom, Spelmannen 2011


Filip Jers – Spiro (Fojablue Records)

”Lira Gillar” = ”Lira Likes”

Harmonica. The Scanian Filip Jers is a harmonica master that this spring graduated as the first on this instrument from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. On his solo debut there is thirteen songs. All music is composed, arranged and performed by Jers. You can hear chromatic-, diatonic- and bass harmonica but also acoustic guitar, accordion and jaw harp.

The CD contains moods and ambience from different parts of the world. All music that Filip Jers likes comes out and gets a tender treatment. ”Its like deep dive into my soul”, Filips says.

You can hear echoes of folkmusic from far and near, jazzphrases and harsh blues. The harmonica has rich possibilities in timbre and Filip Jers feeling for the instrument is filled with every colour from the rainbow and its a pleasure to listen to. The music is joyful, melodic and every overtone gets the biggest meaning. He has the gift to give the music a devout and personal glaze. This is a music experience above the normal.

Torsten Eckermann, Lira, 2011


Filip Jers – Spiro (Fojablue Records)

Grade: 4 of 5

Every good comes from Höör. Hilding Rosenberg. Ola Hanssons favorite vacation place. Summeroperas by Nihlén and Edén. Nils Ludvig. Its the place where racing legend Ronnie Peterson won D-class, third of june 1963. The first immigrants when the ice-age time went back to the north.

And now Filip Jers.

But thats no news, Filip has brighten many concerts with his musicianship, not at least when he and Svante Sjöblom played at Eslöv Bluesfestival many years ago, worldchampion on harmonica already 2005, now first out from the Music Academy in Stockholm as harmonica player.

Without Filips good judgement this could have been a soul-less show-off in technical brilliance. Instead this is a CD that breathes, sometimes jazz, alternately blue notes that turns into folkmusic, where a well thought-out sound picture, sometimes instrusive, somtimes it backs a few steps, reinforce the presence.

What will it become of this young genius?

Buy it.

Jan-Erik Zandersson, Nya Upplagan 2011



Nice! I am very happy. If you are curious about the CD and want to support me and my music, you can order the CD here www.filipjers.com . Click there and follow the instructions, I ship worldwide!

Filip Jers – Spiro will in a few weeks come on iTunes and some other mp3 onlinestores.