Quotes about Filip Jers Spiro from great harmonica players

“Spiro is the first CD from an up and coming harmonica virtuoso from Sweden named Filip Jers.

This young man is truly an amazing musician.  He has fabulous technique on both diatonic and chromatic harmonicas.  He also plays guitar, accordion, jaw harp and bass harmonica very well.

He is obviously very well versed in traditional styles of harmonica playing, but he is not afraid to push the limits of that tradition.

All of the songs on Spiro are his own compositions, and he played all the instruments on the CD.  Some of the songs are lyrical and beautiful, while others are quite experimental.

This first CD by Filip Jers is a fine collection of music.  I’m sure we will be hearing plenty of great music from him in the years ahead.

– Peter Madcat Ruth”



“You are a fantastic player and musician!  I believe that tracks 6 & 9 grabbed me the most.   I was impressed with your ability to bend in tune and also liked the tunings of the harps.  You did have a number of songs with lots of chord playing and I liked the way that the chords were tuned.  I am also really impressed that you are writing songs.  Keep it up!   Personally what I miss hearing the most is the resonance created with good hand technique. ”

– Joe Filisko


“Just had the opportunity to listen intently to your CD Filip. Masterful… pure musical expression. Well done. Best wishes to a continued bright future!”

– David Barrett


I am very happy that these worldclass and worldwide respected players like my CD. It means a lot to me.



Filip Jers – Spiro – NEW CD – www.filipjers.comhttp://www.cdbaby.com/cd/filipjers